Betacam FAQ

What kind of record times can I expect when using NTSC Betacam, Betacam SP or Digital Betacam lengths to shoot in PAL?

Betacam Metal/OxideRecording Mode
Cassette ModelTape Length(m)NTSCPAL
BCT-5MA/G 42 5 6
BCT-10MA/G 78 10 12
BCT-20MA/G 150 20 24
BCT-30MA/G 222 30 36
BCT-5ML/GL 58 5 9
BCT-10ML/GL 93 10 15
BCT-20ML/GL 172 20 29
BCT-30ML/GL 243 30 39
BCT-60ML/GL 457 60 75
BCT-90ML/GL 670 90 110

Will the Sony BCT-30MA tapes work in an ED Beta Sony unit?

Sony experts say, yes! Betacam SP will work with ED Beta machines.

Any of the small shell BCT-MA series tapes will work. Running time in Beta II mode is 6X the stated Betacam SP running time. Thus, a BCT-10MA would run 60 minutes, a BCT-30MA would run 180 minutes and so forth.

Here's a list of what's available:

Betacam SP - Small Cassette

Will Betacam Oxide work in a Betamax VCR?

Once again, we consulted the Sony experts, and yes! Betacam Oxide will work in Betamax VCRs.

What we still have available can be found here:

Sony Betacam