How much space does HDV video use when stored on disk?

HDV video bit rates are either 19Mbps or 25 Mbps, 720p and 1080i capture respectively. We will use the 25Mbps (megabits per second) video bit rate for this example since this is the bit rate employed by all Sony HDV hardware (1080i).

25Mbps x 60 = 1500Mbpm (megabits per minute) divide by 8 = 187.5MBpm (megabytes per minute) -or- 0.187GBps (gigabytes per minute) Minutes x 0.1875GBps = Amount of disk space in GB needed to store the video 16 minutes of HDV, MiniDV or DVCAM will require approximately 3GB of disk space.

Although compression may vary, this is a general rule you can use. It does not take into account audio & metadata that could increase the total bit rate to 42Mbps.