Printers, Publishers & Duplicators FAQ

Is the DVD 1016 Premium PRO Tower Duplicator a standalone unit or is it required to be connected to a computer to operate?

The DVD 1016 Premium PRO Tower Duplicator is a stand alone unit. All you have to do is plug it into an electrical outlet and you're good to go! You have quite a few other choices, as well. Here is a link to all disc duplicators we currently offer.

My printer is picking up two discs at a time. Why does "double picking" occur?

Shiny Silver media is the type most prone to double picking. To keep manufacturing costs low, many discs are made without stacking rings (the thin, raised, plastic ring on the hub of the data side) and are packaged in shrink wrap instead of cakeboxes. That's great for the price tag, but can sometimes cause problems, like double picking, on the flip-side.

What happens?
Static happens. Discs stacked together without room to breathe allow static electricity to build up. Discs in cakebox packaging don't have to be packed as tightly, which leaves room for air. When discs are made with a stacking ring, that ring forces the discs apart, also allowing air in. If your disc or disc packaging design has left no room for movement, you run the risk of staticky discs.

When staticky discs are put on a metal spindle (a conductor) in duplication or publishing equipment, the electric charge can stick around and cause the discs to cling to each other. This leads to double picking, and can be worse: it can shock the robotics of your machine and cause it to freeze up.

What should I do?
The simplest thing to do to prevent double picking is "fan" your discs. "Fanning" is exactly what it sounds like: moving air through the spindle. Try running your hands up and down the sides, to jostle the discs. Better yet, spray the spindle down with canned air, which reduces almost all static.

If you are using inkjet printable media, you will not likely experience double picking. The printable layer helps eliminate static buildup between discs.