Avastor HDX-1500 6TB Quad Portable Hard Drive

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  • Power: Internal Power Supply
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Spindle Speed: 7200RPM
  • Interface: USB 3.0 / Firewire 800 / Firewire 800 / eSATA
  • Capacity: 6 TB

ID: 6156



Avastor HDX-1500 6TB Quad Portable Hard Disk Drive - HDX-15006000GB

The HDX-1500 line of external portable hard drives from Avastor feature the ultra-fast eSATA port for theoretical speeds of up to 3.0Gbps. Dual FireWire 800 ports, FireWire 400, eSATA, and USB 3.0 port are included with the Avastor HDX-1500 line of hard drives.

Data transfer rates can reach up to 80MB/s with the 7200RPM SATA II hard drives enclosed in the Avastor case.

Protective Carrying Case
All HDX hard drives from Avastor come with a strong carrying case that contains the HDX-1500 drive and related cables in a protective foam liner.

Ultra-Quiet fans and the internal power supply make Avastor hard drives a well-designed and premiere hard drive product for audio and video engineers. The 3 year limited warranty keeps your confidence high that Avastor HDX drives are a sturdy, well built portable hard disk drive.

HDX-1500 drives features a 3 Year Warranty.

ID: 6156 BRAND: Avastor PART NUMBER: HDX-15006000GB Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Avastor
Product Type External Hard Drives
Model HDX-1500 6TB Quad Portable Hard Drive
Part Number HDX-15006000GB
Power Internal Power Supply
RAID Compatibility
Warranty 3 Years
Spindle Speed 7200RPM
Interface USB 3.0 / Firewire 800 / Firewire 800 / eSATA
Capacity 6 TB

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