Falcon Media 52x CD-R Silver Thermal Everest Printable - 100 Discs

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Falcon Media
  • Bottom Surface: Standard
  • Packaging: Bulk Wrap (No Spindle)
  • Count: 100 Discs
  • Write Speed: 52x
  • Print Technology: Thermal Retransfer
  • Hub: Hub Printable
  • Top Surface: Silver Thermal Everest Printable
  • Capacity: 700 MB
  • Runtime: 80 Minutes

ID: 5279



Falcon CD-R52x Silver Everest Thermal Printable - 100 Discs

Falcon Pro CD-R are professional grade discs, offering 700MB recording capacity and write speeds up to 52X. Pro CD-R blank disc media is licensed TDK media code, manufactured using premium Japanese materials and technology. Falcon Media Pro blank CD media achieve lower error rates and ensure smooth operation with very few rejects - the performance professionals expect.

FalconMedia Thermal silver gives your images an iridescent metallic appearance reproducing sharper and clearer graphics at high-resolution. FalconMedia Thermal silver offers the same features as the Thermal white surface, ensuring full compatibility on Everest, Teac and Prism printers. These discs deliver flawless printing and handling on manual and automated duplication systems resulting in professional, consistent high quality printing. As with Thermal White, Thermal silver comes with full surface print layer allowing maximum artwork coverage and real photo-quality finish.

  • 52X
  • 700 MB / 80 Min.
  • Silver Everest thermal hub printable surface
  • Works with thermal retransfer disc printers and publishers
ID: 5279 BRAND: Falcon Media PART NUMBER: 0437 Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Falcon Media
Product Type CD-R
Model CD-R 52x Silver Everest Thermal Printable
Part Number 0437
Product Line
Bottom Surface Standard
Packaging Bulk Wrap (No Spindle)
Count 100 Discs
Write Speed 52x
Print Technology Thermal Retransfer
Hub Hub Printable
Top Surface Silver Thermal Everest Printable
Capacity 700 MB
Runtime 80 Minutes

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