Fujifilm HDCAM 32 Minutes HD331-32S

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  • 60i Run Time: 32 Minutes
  • Tape Size: Small Cassette
  • 24p Run Time: 40 Minutes

ID: 1460
Part Number: 24044032



Fujifilm HDCAM HD331-32S

Fujifilm ensures durability and reliability with a specially developed binder with strong adhesion characteristics and an optimized lubricant to help keep the heads clean. This helps to ensure stable tape transport while editing. The magnetic layer of Fuji's HDCAM has an ultra-smooth surface that gives stable head to tape contact, thus providing an extremely high C/N ratio and low error rate, even for the short-wavelength digital recording of HDCAM systems. Each magnetic particle has an extremely thin and uniform layer of anti-oxidant material to prevent deterioration during long-term storage. Technology is also used to minimize tape shrinkage during archiving.

ID: 1460 BRAND: Fujifilm PART NUMBER: 24044032 Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Fujifilm
Product Type HDCAM
Model HD331-32S
Part Number 24044032
60i Run Time 32 Minutes
Tape Size Small Cassette
24p Run Time 40 Minutes

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