Kino Flo True Match 21" Compact Fluorescent Lamp - 55C-K55 55C-K55

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Kino Flo
  • Luminosity: 2800 Lumens
  • Base: 2G11 4Pin
  • Wattage: 55 Watts

ID: 4063

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Kino Flo True Match Lamp 21" Compact - 55 Watts/5500K

Kino Flo's 21" K55 Compact is part of the True Match lamp series made to match the spectral sensitivity curves of digital film and video equipment.

The True Match line produces soft light, are low wattage and cool to the touch. True Match lamps can work side-by-side with tungsten and HMI fixtures without filtration.


  • 55 Watts
  • 5500°K Color Temperature
  • 2800 Lumens
  • 2G11 4Pin Base
ID: 4063 BRAND: Kino Flo PART NUMBER: 55C-K55 Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Kino Flo
Product Type Fluorescent Lamps
Model True Match 21" Compact Fluorescent Lamp - 55C-K55
Part Number 55C-K55
Luminosity 2800 Lumens
Base 2G11 4Pin
Lamp Type
Wattage 55 Watts

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