Maxell D5-C48M

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  • D-5 Run Time: 48 Minutes
  • D-3 Run Time: 96 Minutes
  • Tape Size: Medium Cassette

ID: 1615
Part Number: 301640


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Maxell 48 Minute D-5 Videotape: D5-C12M

The D-5 Digital format has become popular, especially in high-quality production and the transmission processes of high-definition TV. Utilizing its high 301Mb/s data transfer rate, the D-5 1/2-inch component digital format can offer uncompressed component picture for standard-definition TV, and its 1/4 low compression rate achieves superior picture quality for high-definition TV. Maxell has developed highly reliable D-5-compatible videocassettes featuring new Ceramic Armor Metal Particles and other Maxell unique tape technologies.

High Output/Low Noise-   Newly developed 0.1um-diameter fine Ceramic Armor Metal Particles enhance the tape's high magnetic energy and new calendering technology ensures tape surface smoothness for increased short-wavelength output (2dB higher than Maxell D-3) and decreased noise. High-density recording demanded for D-5 format is thereby attained.

Fine Head Contact-   Thin, highly rigid, PEN (Polyethylene Naphthalate) is used as base film material. Even with thin tape that is just 11um thick, superb head-to-tape contact and durability are attained, offering the same reliability as tape of standard thickness.

Superior Tape Winding-   Maxell employs a highly accurate cassette shell to optimize smooth tape travel. In addition, Maxell's D-5 tape employs a unique patented SW (Smooth Winding) reel with radial grooves to cleanly pack tape (U.S.P.4, 932, 604; EU Patent 0 136 504). The SW reel's radial grooves emit most of the air generated during high-speed winding to minimize uneven tape winding.

Meet the future of high-density component digital recording with Maxell's D5 videocassettes. Maxell combined exclusive metal tape technology with an advanced cassette mechanism to create an extra-low-error-rate D-5 videocassette that is ideal for all types of professional applications: EFP, editing, transmission and post-archival playback.

The duration of this tape is 48 minutes.

ID: 1615 BRAND: Maxell PART NUMBER: 301640 Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Maxell
Product Type D-5
Model D5-C48M
Part Number 301640
D-5 Run Time 48 Minutes
D-3 Run Time 96 Minutes
Tape Size Medium Cassette

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