Maxell HDCAM 6 Minutes B-6HD

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  • 60i Run Time: 6 Minutes
  • Tape Size: Small Cassette
  • 24p Run Time: 7 Minutes

ID: 1575
Part Number: 292890


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Maxell 6 Minute HDCAM Videotape: B-6HD

  • HDTV recording is attained by increasing the recording density to 1.4 times more than the digital betacam format. HD picture and brilliant quality for a wide range of applications, such as transmission to HD ENG/EFP, is enabled by its highly mobile compact cassette.
  • Superior Durability: Maxell's super-fine Ceramic Armor Metal Particles, paired with the high performance cross-linking binder system, improves the magnetic coating layer strength. Coating strength allows superior reliability and durability in extreme situations such as acquisition (ENG/EFP) and editing operations, especially those where long-term still modes are frequently used.
  • Lower Error Rate: Maxell HDCAM employs new Ceramic Armor Metal Particles that are finer than the particles in Digital Betacam. Along with Maxell's unique multi-orientation technology effectively utilizing its high magnetic energy, it also achieves remarkable high output and low noise. Low error rate is maintained under various operating conditions.
  • Superior Storage Stability: Maxell's super-fine Ceramic Armor Particles and high performance binder system yield superior anti-heat resistance and anti-oxidation characteristics. Long term storage, such as video archiving, is made possible by the addition of another unique process of minimizing tape shrinkage. This process creates superior stability characteristics, making video archiving possible.

For more on HDCAM, check out our HDCAM FAQ page .

ID: 1575 BRAND: Maxell PART NUMBER: 292890 Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Maxell
Product Type HDCAM
Model B-6HD
Part Number 292890
60i Run Time 6 Minutes
Tape Size Small Cassette
24p Run Time 7 Minutes

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