Maxell B-12MX

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  • Run Time: 12 Minutes
  • Tape Size: Small Cassette

ID: 1546
Part Number: B-12MX


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Maxell 12 Minute MPEG IMX Videotape- B-12MX

  • Maxell IMX tapes offer lower error rates, low noise, stable C/N ratios and high output because of the fine ceramic armor metal particles.
  • Because of Maxell's specially formulated binder system, the tape can handle extreme ENG/EFP environments and demanding editing and playback modes such as still and shuttle.
  • IMX tapes are backwards compatible with Beta SP and Digital Beta formats. Achieve 4:2:2 with digital recording and superior quality at 50 Mbps.
  • MPEG IMX tapes are stable for long term storage. With the superior strength and stabilizing characteristics of the fine metal particles, heat and oxidation won't be an issue.
ID: 1546 BRAND: Maxell PART NUMBER: B-12MX Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Maxell
Product Type MPEG IMX
Model B-12MX
Part Number B-12MX
Run Time 12 Minutes
Tape Size Small Cassette

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