Microboards CopyWriter Pro Blu-ray Tower Duplicator - 10 Recorders

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  • Blu-ray Duplication Speed: 2.16 GB Per Minute
  • Dimensions D x W x H: 16.75 x 7.48 x 24.5 Inches
  • Weight: 58 lbs.
  • Blu-ray Write Speed: 8x
  • DVD Write Speed: 16x
  • CD Write Speed: 32x
  • Hard Drive Capacity: 500 GB
  • Compatibility: CD / DVD / Blu-ray
  • Number of Recorders: 10 Recorders

ID: 4775



Microboards CopyWriter Pro Blu-ray Tower Duplicator with 10 Recorders

As Blu-ray has changed digital and high-def storage, so Microboards Technology has changed Blu-ray duplication. Microboards has now introduced the CopyWriter Pro series of duplicator towers. With a faster recording speed, and support for Blu-ray, DVD , and CD , these towers enable one-touch duplication and a perfect burn.

This CopyWriter Pro Blu-ray tower has 10 recorders and offers 8x BD-R recording speed. This tower comes with a 500GB hard drive, making image archiving a snap. 5-button control interface makes it easy to use, and the one-touch operation makes it ideal for use by novices or professionals.

Support for Blu-ray, DVDs, or CDs

The CopyWriter Pro supports Blu-ray, DVD, and CD disc media. It automatically detects what master has been but in and does the job. Use the counter feature to input the number of discs needed and the tower will keep track of total discs completed. User can also select desired write speed for the DVD-/+R.

Copy and Verify Mode

Microboards Pro towers have a copy and verify mode to ensure a perfect burn, everytime. Simulation mode also works to guarantee recording stability. The two-line display is easy to read and provides updates on status and errors.

Automatic Detection

The duplicator automatically detects whether a BD-R, DVD, or CD has been inserted. No need to worry, just make sure the discs are loaded in the recorders. The tower will take care of duplicating and finishing the job. Install updates through the Blu-ray drive.

Two Year Limited Warranty

Microboards offers a two year limited warranty that surpasses the normal industry warranty. It includes unlimited phone support. Recorders are covered for one year and controller, enclosure and power supply are covered for two years.


  • USB 3.0 Interface
  • Supports: BD-R/BD-RE, DVD+-R/RW/DL, CD-R/RW
  • Includes: PrassiTech Zulu2 disc mastering software
  • Power source: 115V/230V 50-60Hz switchable power supply
  • Weight: 58 lbs
  • Power supply: 400W
ID: 4775 BRAND: Microboards PART NUMBER: BD PROV3-10 Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Microboards
Product Type Disc Duplicators
Model CopyWriter Pro Blu-ray Tower Duplicator - 10 Recorders
Part Number BD PROV3-10
M-Disc Duplication Speed
Blu-ray Duplication Speed 2.16 GB Per Minute
CD Duplication Speed
DVD Duplication Speed
Dimensions D x W x H 16.75 x 7.48 x 24.5 Inches
Weight 58 lbs.
Blu-ray Write Speed 8x
DVD Write Speed 16x
CD Write Speed 32x
Hard Drive Capacity 500 GB
Compatibility CD / DVD / Blu-ray
Number of Recorders 10 Recorders

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