OWC 12TB ThunderBay 4 RAID 5 Edition

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  • Capacity: 12 TB
  • Interface: Thunderbolt 2 (x2)
  • Spindle Speed: 7200RPM
  • Hotswappable: 4 Drives
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • RAID Compatibility: JBOD or RAID 5 / Software RAID
  • Power: External Power Supply

ID: 6181
Part Number: OWCTB2SRT12.0S



OWC 4TB ThunderBay 4 with Dual Thunderbolt 2 Ports - RAID 5 Edition 4-Bay External Drive

Experience the first and only software RAID 5 technology developed for the Mac with the ThunderBay 4 RAID 5 Edition. Empower your workflow with up to 35% faster RAID 5 performance and exponentially faster rebuild times than comparable hardware based RAID arrays.

  • Up to 1004MB/s read /783MB/s write RAID 5 performance.
  • Up to 1346MB/s read / 1318MB/s write RAID 0 performance.
  • Exponentially faster rebuild times than hardware RAID.

Install the included SoftRAID for OS X to bring enhanced storage capabilities to the Mac. SoftRAID combines advanced RAID modes, fast performance, monitoring, e-mail notification, and fast rebuild capabilities that only software RAID can deliver.

Each ThunderBay undergoes OWC's multi-hour drive "burn-in" performance certification procedure prior to shipping. This ensures your ThunderBay arrives operating properly and ready for demanding use. ThunderBay comes with an OWC one-meter certified Thunderbolt cable.

Time-Tested Cooling

Built on OWC's time-tested enclosure cooling technology, ThunderBay utilizes an open "flow-thru" vented design with an oversized 92 mm, low-turbulence, noise-quieting fan to keep the drives running cool and reliably.


Daisy-chain up to six ThunderBays for massive storage capabilities and increased performance, or connect multiple ThunderBays to multiple Thunderbolt 2 ports to achieve exponential speed capabilities.

Vibration Dampened

ThunderBay's drive isolating design reduces sonic resonance, and is aided by over-sized, rugged, vibration-absorbing, non-skid feet.

DisplayPort 1.2 Support

Dual Thunderbolt ports let you connect the display of your choice that your computer can support, including 4K displays.

  • Two Thunderbolt 2 ports
  • Four 7200RPM 3TB Hard Disk Drives with 32MB cache
  • 9.65"D x 5.31"W x 6.96"H
  • Use in JBOD, the included software RAID or one of your choice to setup the ThunderBay 4 for multi-drive performance or data redundancy
  • 3 Year Warranty

Technical Specifications

Brand OWC
Product Type External Hard Drives
Model 12TB ThunderBay 4 RAID 5 Edition
Part Number OWCTB2SRT12.0S
Capacity 12 TB
Interface Thunderbolt 2 (x2)
Spindle Speed 7200RPM
Hotswappable 4 Drives
Warranty 3 Years
RAID Compatibility JBOD or RAID 5 / Software RAID
Power External Power Supply

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