Panasonic AJ-D5C63M

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  • D-5 Run Time: 63 Minutes
  • D-3 Run Time: 126 Minutes
  • Tape Size: Medium Cassette

ID: 2321
Part Number: AJ-D5C63M


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Panasonic 63 Minute D-5 Videotape: AJ-D5C63M

D-5  Videocassettes from Panasonic offer high output, high speeds and high stability because of the finer particle size, improved electromagnetic characteristics and durability. Panasonic uses those advances to double the data rate of D3 and make a tape ideal for HD recording.

Zetas Metal Alloy particles are used to increase stability over time. Panasonic mixes particles in the 63M tape with inorganic powders that have been specially oriented and calendered for high packing density. By packing the ultra-fine particles at high density the tape yields more particles per recorded wavelength. This maximizes the magnetic energy and increases tape stability over time.

The enhanced electromagnetic characteristics have improved the C/N ratio by +1dB compared with D3. The high output of a tape creates fewer errors within the tape. With a high output and high C/N ratio the D-5 tape achieves a low error rate. The binder system enhances the durability of the Panasonic tape. In order to keep the tape on the heads the binder must be extremely flexible and shock absorbing. To achieve these characteristics Panasonic uses a combination of a hard binder and a soft binder. By crosslinking the two binder types Panasonic can maintain strength at the most optimal points. The advanced binder system used in all Panasonic D-5 tapes is called the Zetas High Durability Binder System.


  • Compact
  • Long recording time
  • High 270 Mbps bit data rate
  • High speed stability characteristics
  • D-5 HD 4:2:2 Color saturation
ID: 2321 BRAND: Panasonic PART NUMBER: AJ-D5C63M Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Panasonic
Product Type D-5
Model AJ-D5C63M
Part Number AJ-D5C63M
D-5 Run Time 63 Minutes
D-3 Run Time 126 Minutes
Tape Size Medium Cassette

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