Panasonic DVCPRO Large Cassette AJ-P126L

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  • Tape Size: Large Cassette
  • DVCPRO HD Run Time (100 Mbps): 31 Minutes
  • DVCPRO HD-LP Run Time (100Mbps - 9 Micron): 63 Minutes
  • DVCPRO 50 Run Time (50 Mbps): 63 Minutes
  • DVCPRO Run Time (25 Mbps): 126 Minutes

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Panasonic 126 Minute DVCPro Videotape: AJ-P126L

  • Narrow Tape - Big Performance:  High-output metal magnetic particles deliver superb picture and sound quality on a tape just 6.35-mm-wide
  • High Output, Low Noise:  Ultra-fine metal magnetic particles provide a remanent magnetization of 370 mT (3,700 Gauss) and coercivity of 183 kA/m (2,300 Oe) for an output that's 5 db higher than older technologies.
  • Smooth Tape Transport:  An ultra-smooth magnetic surface eliminates spacing loss and micro-dropouts resulting in low error rates and a high C/N (carrier to noise) ratio even in the higher frequencies.
  • Dense Magnetic Pattern:  A dense, ultra-thin 0.2 micron magnetic coating achieves exceptional low noise, high-frequency performance.
  • Excellent Durability and Reliability:  A high-polymer binder on the magnetic layer assures maximum durability under repeated use, even after long storage periods.
  • Protective Cassette Shell:  A tough, sealed shell prevents entry of dust or other particles into the cassette.  A reel-lock mechanism reduces tape sagging.
  • Also called 126L, AJ-P126LP

Notes about the DVCPRO format

Data Rate and Running Time: DVCPRO, DVCPRO 50, and DVCPRO HD recording formats all use the same tape formulation. The difference is the amount of tape used to record the data.  DVCPRO records at 25Mb/s, DVCPRO 50 at 50Mb/s, and DVCPRO HD at 100Mb/s.  More data takes more space, so the tape has to run faster at higher data rates.  Thus, a 126minute DVCPRO tape would run just 63 minutes in DVCPRO 50 mode and only 31 minutes in DVCPRO HD mode.

Yellow Lid vs. Red Lid: To help users differentiate the format used to record a DVCPRO tape, manufacturers provide tapes that are color coded. Standard DVCPRO tapes are yellow. DVCPro HD tapes are red. Red or yellow, however, the tape is the same. It's just the labeling and naming that's different.

*High Definition LP Mode: DVCPRO equipment that is capable of recording in DVCPRO HD-LP mode (a.k.a EX format) utilizes a more precise record head that has the ability to record a track pitch that is only 9-microns wide. That is half as wide as the conventional DVCPRO record heads, which is 18-microns. Therefore, when using the DVCPRO HD-LP mode it is possible to double the record time without any loss of quality.

Compatible with Varicam DVCPRO Cameras AJ-HDC27H and AJ-HDC20A

ID: 1726 BRAND: Panasonic PART NUMBER: AJ-P126L Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Panasonic
Product Type DVCPRO
Model AJ-P126L
Part Number AJ-P126L
Tape Size Large Cassette
DVCPRO HD Run Time (100 Mbps) 31 Minutes
DVCPRO HD-LP Run Time (100Mbps - 9 Micron) 63 Minutes
DVCPRO 50 Run Time (50 Mbps) 63 Minutes
DVCPRO Run Time (25 Mbps) 126 Minutes

Based on 3 reviews

4.67 overall
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  1. 5 out of 5


    Always good ever time we use it.


    In a Panasonic HD-1400 deck.

  2. 5 out of 5


    worked as advertised

    only works in certain decks

  3. 4 out of 5


    Cheap, reliable, easy to store and archive.

    Not as cheap as the Fuji dvcpro tape, but I feel better using the Panasonic tapes in my panasonic decks and cameras.