Panasonic 32GB microP2 Card - AJ-P2M032AG

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  • Capacity: 32 GB
  • Transfer Rate: 2.0 Gbps

ID: 4416
Part Number: AJ-P2M032AG



Panasonic 32GB microP2 Memory Card - AJ-P2M032AG

IMPORTANT NOTE: microP2 is not compatible with all P2 equipment. Please click here to check compatibility and software update information.

Introducing the microP2 Card Series, featuring the world's first UHS-II compliant memory cards. Panasonic continues to develop P2 media to be faster, cheaper and smaller. The simultaneous introduction of the microP2 Card Adapter assures that these new smaller cards will continue to operate in current P2 compatible hardware (firmware updates required). microP2 drive to read cards via a USB 3.0 connection to your PC or Mac is also available.

Even with a smaller SD card form factor, microP2 ensures high-speed transfer, high reliability, and the writing assurance for P2 frame rates, formats and codecs (with the exception of 1080/60p/50p within class 200. 1080/60p class 100 is supported by microP2).

The microP2 card's double-layered UHS-II interface allows transfer rates up to 2.0Gbps, which is 1.7 times faster than standard P2 cards, and 12x faster than ordinary SD memory card media.

Classified as Proof7 strength reliability, microP2 cards are resistant to dust, water, static electricity, bending/twisting, magnet, X-ray, and extreme temperatures. Each card features a flash memory error correction system, similar to a RAID system, to strengthen data reliability. The Lifetime Counter gives a notification when the cards approaches the end of its life cycle (standard life cycle is estimated to be reusable up to 5 years when recorded once daily at full capacity). Content Protection System (CPS) allows password protection for your microP2, and each card has a unique QR code for scanning and easy identification.

Key Features:

  • Supports up to AVC-ULTRA class 200
  • UHS-II Interface
  • Data Transfer Rates up to 2.0Gbps
  • Built-in RAID/flash memory error correction system for reliability
  • CPS (Content Protection System) for data security
  • Unique QR code for scanning/identification
  • Proof 7 Physical Strength rating
ID: 4416 BRAND: Panasonic PART NUMBER: AJ-P2M032AG Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Panasonic
Product Type microP2 Cards
Model 32GB microP2 Card - AJ-P2M032AG
Part Number AJ-P2M032AG
Capacity 32 GB
Transfer Rate 2.0 Gbps

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