Panasonic 60GB F-Series P2 Card

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  • Type: "F" Series
  • Transfer Rate: 1.2 Gbps
  • Capacity: 60 GB

ID: 6394



Panasonic - 60GB F-Series P2 Card - AJ-P2E060FG

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Panasonic's 60GB F-Series P2 card provides exceptional high definition solid-state recording. Double the capacity of the 30GB P2 card, this high-capacity card will double your record time and storage capacity. Being an F-Series card, this 60GB P2 card has a transfer rate of up 1.2Gbps for ultra-fast transfer rates from card to computer.

Built Solid

Solid-state memory is resistant to shock, vibration, impact, and dust. It also withstands environmental extremes such as intense heat, high humidity, and below zero temperatures.

Universal Compatibility

F-Series P2 cards connect directly with most major laptops and non-linear editing systems. With an instant connection, the time-intensive digitizing process is a thing of the past.

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ID: 6394 BRAND: Panasonic PART NUMBER: AJ-P2E060FG Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Panasonic
Product Type P2 Cards
Model 60GB F-Series P2 Card
Part Number AJ-P2E060FG
Type "F" Series
DVCPRO HD Run Time (100Mbps)
DVCPRO HD 24p Run Time (100Mbps)
DVCPRO 50 Run Time (50Mbps)
DVCPRO Run Time (25Mbps)
Transfer Rate 1.2 Gbps
Capacity 60 GB

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