Panasonic RP-SDB08GB1K

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  • Capacity: 8 GB
  • Transfer Rate: 90 MB/s
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Rating: Class 10 / UHS-I

ID: 3356
Part Number: RP-SDB08GB1K



Panasonic - 8G Pro SDB Series SDHC Card - RP-SDB08GB1K

Panasonic's New Pro SDB Series of SDHC Cards have introduced a level of protection and extended lifespan that makes these cards unparalleled in the SDHC market. The SBD Card series utilizes Class 10 UHS-1 (Ultra High Speed) technology, which increases the transfer rate from 20MB/s (standard Class 10 rate) to 90MB/s! This transfer speed is possible when the card is coupled with Panasonic's UHS-1 USB Adapter.

Super Intelligent Controller System, SICS

The SICS Controller system that is built into every card performs three primary functions:

   1. Extends Archival Shelf Life: SICS extends your SDHC Card's archival shelf life by refreshing your data often. This keeps errors from building up to the point of being uncorrectable. The process is similar to de-fragging your hard drive. This process increases your card's shelf life by 10 times!

   2. Power Failure Protection If a power failure occurs during the recording process, more is at risk than just the recording clip. The data you have stored on other areas of your card can be corrupted as well. SICS saves your original data back to your card, protecting you from power failure corruption. This process has been tested by TUV Rheinland for up to 1000 times.

   3. Smart Data Writing Typically, when writing to an SDHC card, the card starts each new recording from the first area and fills down from there. This repeated cycle prevents you from being able to use the full capacity of your card. Repeated rewrites to the same area of the card reduce the number of remaining record cycles. The SICS feature on Panasonic's Pro SDB cards start your next recording where the last one left off, allowing you to take full advantage of your card's available space and cycle counts.

"Proof 5"

  • Water-Proof
  • Shock-Proof
  • Magnet-Proof
  • X-Ray Protected
  • Temperature Resistant from -13F to 185F

Additional Features

  • QR Codes. There is a QR Code on each of Panasonic's SDB Series SDHC cards that can be used for archival location tracking and content management.
  • AVCCAM Recovery Software.On the interior package of each SDHC card is a link to download free software to assist you in recovering files on your SDHC cards. The free software download is compatible with Windows 7, XP, and Mac operating systems.
  • Card Checker Software. When your Panasonic Pro Series SDB card is used in conjunction with the UHS-1 adapter, you can also download a free software package that alerts you of how much remaining life is left on your card. This will prevent you from discovering how much, or little, life you have left before it's too late.
  • One-Year Warranty. Panasonic's Pro Series SDB SDHC Cards are backed by a One-Year Warranty

Panasonic Secure Digital media are the recommended cards for use in their line of AVCCAM Solid-State Camcorders, including the AG-AF100, AG-AF100A, AG-3DA1, AG-AC90, AG-AC130A, AG-AC160A, AG-HMC150PJ, AG-HMC40PJ, and AG-HMC80PJ.

ID: 3356 BRAND: Panasonic PART NUMBER: RP-SDB08GB1K Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Panasonic
Product Type SDHC
Model RP-SDB08GB1K
Part Number RP-SDB08GB1K
Capacity 8 GB
Transfer Rate 90 MB/s
Warranty 1 Year
Rating Class 10 / UHS-I

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