Verbatim PD-50DL Dual Layer 50GB XDCAM Disc

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  • Cartridge Type: Plastic Cartridge
  • Case Type: Plastic Case
  • Layer: Dual Layer
  • Capacity: 50 GB

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Verbatim PD-50DL Dual Layer 50GB XDCAM Disc - 98928

Verbatim Professional Discs for XDCAM are manufactured in Japan at Mitsubishi Kagaku Media factories for distribution by Verbatim Americas LLC. Verbatim, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Kagaku Media, is the worldwide leader in optical media and has a long history of quality and reliability.

Verified by Sony to ensure performance and compatibility with XDCAM equipment.

Professional Discs utilize blue-violet laser technology for extremely high-density recording, and allow for instant random access to previously recorded materials. A rugged protective cartridge makes these discs extremely durable, resistant to dirt, dust, fingerprints as well as vibration and shock. The discs are packed in a semi-transparent case and include a paper insert to aid in the organization of recorded materials. Mitsubishi Professional Discs allow for up to 1,000 recording cycles and 1,000,000 read cycles without signal degradation. Combined with a 50-year archival and shelf life, these discs are a perfect archival solution for HD video or other important data. All Mitsubishi Professional Disc products are backed by Verbatim’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

ID: 6599 BRAND: Verbatim PART NUMBER: 98928 Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Verbatim
Product Type XDCAM
Model 98928
Part Number 98928
Content & Archival Hardware Compatibility
Disc Type
Write Speed
DVCAM Run Time
Cartridge Type Plastic Cartridge
Case Type Plastic Case
Layer Dual Layer
Capacity 50 GB

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