Polar Pro Venture3+ Series Polarizer Filter for HERO3

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Polar Pro
  • Compatibility: HERO3 Only

ID: 5176



Venture3+ Polarizer Filter for HERO3

The newest version of Polar Pro's original and most popular product, the Polarizer filter, features a brand new glass filter with better optics and is even stronger than its predecessor. Polar Pro has also toughened up the frame and over molded the glass to increase durability.

Polarizer filters are the most popular type of photography filter, and this glass filter works well with your GoPro® HERO3 camera, sliding easily on and off. This polarizer filter is designed to reduce glare and increase color saturation for crisp, sharp footage wherever you film with your HERO3. A polarizer filter is a great tool to use when filming near water, snow, or in bright sunny conditions. The filter will effectively reduce glare and light bouncing off of water and snow, giving you the best quality videos. A polarizer filter is able to increase color saturation while also increasing contrast, making colors appear more vibrant. Venture3+ Polarizer filter is a great accessory when shooting in the car, helping to remove glare off the windshield, dashboard, and the road. Whether in the wild or your own backyard, this filter is sure to give you the best looking video possible.

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NOTE: This filter is not compatible with the new HERO3+ camera. Polarizer filter for HERO3+ is also available here.

ID: 5176 BRAND: Polar Pro PART NUMBER: P1011 Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Polar Pro
Product Type GoPro Cameras and Accessories
Model Venture3+ Series Polarizer Filter for HERO3
Part Number P1011
Compatibility HERO3 Only

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