Polar Pro Venture3+ Series Neutral Density Filter for HERO3+

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Polar Pro
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Polar Pro Venture3+ Series Neutral Density Filter for GoPro HERO3+ - P1004

The newest version of Polar Pro's Neutral Density filter features a new, stronger glass filter with even better optics than previous models. The filter's frame has been bulked up with more material, and molds over the glass for higher durability. Simple to install, the filter simply slides onto the HERO3+ waterproof housing.

A neutral density filter's most common application is to make moving objects appear blurred. The GoPro HERO3+ camera has a very high shutter speed, meaning that even when moving fast, nothing is blurred (creating the illusion that you are not actually moving quickly). When in a car, the Neutral Density filter will blur the pavement and create an appearance of speed. Other uses for a neutral density filter include aviation, remote control planes, and shooting with quadcopters. This filter can also reduce the jello effect which happens when a camera is mounted to vehicles with high levels of vibration. Another popular application is using an ND filter to simply tone down bright scenes, leaving you with an even sharper image.

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NOTE: This filter is not compatible with the older HERO3 cameras. Filter for HERO3 is also available here.

ID: 5215 BRAND: Polar Pro PART NUMBER: P1004 Category:

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Brand Polar Pro
Product Type GoPro Cameras and Accessories
Model Venture3+ Series Neutral Density Filter for HERO3+
Part Number P1004

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