Sonnet SDHC Memory Card Adapter for SxS Card Slot

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  • Accepted Memory Cards: SDHC
  • Form Factor: SxS / PCI Express

ID: 3336



Sonnet - SDHC Memory Card Adapter for SxS Card Slot - SD-SXS-E34

When the price of SxS card media seems too high, consider this SDHC adapter from Sonnet. This adapter fits in your SxS card slot, and allows you to use SDHC memory in your SxS camera! When you use Class 10 (or faster) SDHC cards, SxS card functionality is duplicated, including support for overcrank and undercrank modes. Sonnet's SDHC adapter, unlike it's counterparts, allows your SDHC card to fit flush inside the adapter's shell. Once the SDHC adapter is inserted in the camera, and your card has been formatted, you are ready to record. Once recording is complete, you can put the SDHC adapter in your computer's ExpressCard slot, and offload files directly onto your computer. If you don't have an ExpressCard slot, the SDHC card can be read by any SDHC card reader.

Key Features

  • Economical: The cost of one SxS card is equivalent to one SDHC adapter and multiple SDHC cards.
  • Designed for Sony's XDCAM Camcorders: SDHC cards fit flush inside the Sonnet adapter, making it interchangeable with SxS cards in an SxS card slot.
  • Duplicates SxS Card Functionality: When used with Class 10 or higher SDHC cards, the Sonnet adapter allows for the same functionality that you get with SxS cards, at a fraction of the cost.
  • SDHC Card Reader: If your computer has an ExpressCard slot, the adapter will connect straight to your computer, eliminating the need for an additional SDHC-compatible card reader.
  • ID: 3336 BRAND: Sonnet PART NUMBER: SD-SXS-E34 Category:

    Technical Specifications

    Brand Sonnet
    Product Type Memory Card Adapters
    Model SDHC Memory Card Adapter for SxS Card Slot
    Part Number SD-SXS-E34
    Accepted Memory Cards SDHC
    Form Factor SxS / PCI Express

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