Sony 2x BD-RE DL Rewritable Dual Layer Logo Branded - 1 Disc

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  • Capacity: 50 GB
  • Surface: Logo Branded
  • Count: 1 Disc
  • Write Speed: 2x
  • Case Type: Jewel Case

ID: 14025
Part Number: BNE50RH



Sony 2x Blu-ray BD-RE Rewritable Disc - 50GB Dual Layer, BNE50RH 

  • Speed: 2x
  • 50GB
  • Dual Layer
  • Jewel case
  • Rewritable

These blank blu-ray discs have exceptional storage capacity - 50 Gigabytes on a single standard disc using blue-laser technology.  Each disc can hold more than 10 standard DVDs, giving you the space for HD video, backups, and large files. This rewritable blu-ray disc (BD-RE) from Sony allows you to re-record information on the same disc. Therefore, you have endless space on this one blu-ray disc.

Sony AccuCore Technology features

  • New recording layer makes the disc more reliable for repeated rewrite cycles
  • Hard coating protects against scratches and keeps your data safe
  • Superior archival reliability
  • Long term storage
  • Reliable recording material design prevents image corruption and deterioration
  • Stable writing and lower errors
  • Temperature durability with high precision disc structure
ID: 14025 BRAND: Sony PART NUMBER: BNE50RH Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Sony
Product Type BD-RE DL Rewritable Dual Layer
Model BNE50RH
Part Number BNE50RH
Capacity 50 GB
Surface Logo Branded
Count 1 Disc
Write Speed 2x
Case Type Jewel Case

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