Sony 48x CD-R Logo Branded - 30 Discs

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  • Packaging: Spindle
  • Count: 30 Discs
  • Write Speed: 48x
  • Print Technology: Non-Printable
  • Top Surface: Logo Branded
  • Capacity: 700 MB
  • Runtime: 80 Minutes

ID: 5406



Sony CD-R 48X Recordable Storage Multi-Color 30 Pack - 30CDQ80XP

Sony CD-R 30CDQ80XP 30 pack comes with multiple disc colors, including blue, orange, green, pink, and purple colored discs.

These blank CD discs burn at 48X and have a storage capacity or 700MB or 80 minutes of audio or music recording.

30 discs come per spindle. Sony oversees strict quality control with their disc media to ensure these CD-R discs meet the demand of today's modern burners and players.

This product replaces Sony part number 30CDQ80RSX.

ID: 5406 BRAND: Sony PART NUMBER: 30CDQ80XP Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Sony
Product Type CD-R
Model CD-R 48X Recordable Storage Multi-Color 30 Pack
Part Number 30CDQ80XP
Product Line
Bottom Surface
Packaging Spindle
Count 30 Discs
Write Speed 48x
Print Technology Non-Printable
Top Surface Logo Branded
Capacity 700 MB
Runtime 80 Minutes

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