Sony PHDV-64DM

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  • HDV/DV Run Time: 64 Minutes
  • DVCAM Run Time: 42 Minutes
  • Tape Size: Standard Cassette

ID: 2056



Sony 64 Minute Digital Master DVCAM Tape: PHDV-64DM

DigitalMaster is the recommended Sony videotape for professional HDV recording, and Sony's highest quality 6mm videotape for DVCAM and DV projects.

  • With two layers of active magnetic material, carrier to noise ratio is improved by 2dB.
  • The Digital Master Series gives 90% fewer errors. With a 20% increase in C/N, more signal comes off the tape during playback reducing the occurrence of errors.
  • Compared to Mini DV tape, Sony master tapes give 50% less dropouts.
  • Digital Master Tape is more durable due to the 30% more Diamond Like Carbon coating.
  • DigitalMaster tape is designed for any mini-DV or DVCAM camcorders or VTRs.
  • It's the only professional videotape with not one, but two 100% active magnetic layers for 90% fewer errors than consumer DV tape.
ID: 2056 BRAND: Sony PART NUMBER: PHDV64DM Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Sony
Product Type Digital Master
Model PHDV-64DM
Part Number PHDV64DM
HDV/DV Run Time 64 Minutes
DVCAM Run Time 42 Minutes
Tape Size Standard Cassette

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