Sony DVCAM PDV-34N/3 34 Minutes

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  • DVCAM Run Time: 34 Minutes
  • Tape Size: Standard Cassette
  • HDV/DV Run Time: 51 Minutes
  • Warranty: 90 Days

ID: 2758
Part Number: PDV-34N/3



Sony DVCAM PDV-34N/3 34 Minutes Videotape

DVCAM tapes from Sony offer all the features you would expect from Sony. A professional, durable tape, a rugged locking case, and a Diamond-Like Carbon coating are just a few of the features of the 34N.

Advance Metal Evaporated (AME) Technology is used to reduce the amount of dropouts and hiccups while shooting. With 50% fewer dropouts, Sony DVCAM tapes are ideal for professional video applications.

Sony DVCAM tapes also feature a Diamond-Like Carbon coating that makes the tape 30% stronger than consumer dv tapes. Pause and Freeze Frame operations are enhanced by the DLC coating. With 50% less tape shrinkage, DVCAM tapes have wide machine-to-machine compatibility and more reliable storage characteristics. Less shrinking over time means more consistent tracking and playback.


  • 34 Minutes, Large Cassette
  • Diamond-Like Carbon coating
  • Professional locking album case
  • Up to 184 Minutes with PDV-184N large DVCAM tape
  • Advance Metal Evaporated (AME) Technology
  • No Chip. Does not include the ClipLinkTM chip.

DVCAM Vs. DVD Camcorders 

What is the difference between a top of the line DV camcorder, such as a DVCAM by Sony, and a DVD camcorder? In either format, you are still utilizing digital technology, which is far superior to any other type of recording because of enhanced video and audio features. However, when it comes to actually recording footage, these are two very different technologies.

DVCAM involves using the process of tape recording, whereas DVD camcorders record footage on DVD discs, presumably for easier transfer to PC. People usually record this footage so that they can distribute it digitally, whether it's to forward a clip of a newborn to family, or even to make numerous copies of a wedding. Even professionals rely on this type of technology to upload their content (such as a documentary or short film) to a popular media site.

What do users say about comparisons between DVCAMs and DVD camcorders? The first thing to realize is that DVCAM tapes are more established than DVD camcorders, which are a relatively new technology, at least when it comes to hardware only storage. DVD camcorders use USB technology for video recording, while DVCAMs can use both Firewire and USB. One major problem already apparent is that some editing software will not support video capture by USB technology. Some experts even detest USB altogether, since it has never been perceived as fast enough to handle constant video.

DVD camcorders compress footage into MPEG-2 format, while DV cameras uses M-JPEG compression or higher, such as MPEG-4. This will be of particular interest as HD (High-Definition) slowly but surely replaces standard analog recording. This is not to suggest that DVD camcorders are a waste of money. They might be preferable in some situations, for example, if you want to record footage and then go out and give all your friends DVD copies right away. This will be a very fast and smooth conversion. However, if you want to actually take your time in the editing process, then a DVCAM cassette solution works best.

Some consumers have also complained that the DVD camcorders are somewhat difficult to use, since many systems don't actually use standard DVDs-they use mini-DVDs, which only holds 30-60 minutes of footage. Keep these points in mind while choosing your new camcorder.

ID: 2758 BRAND: Sony PART NUMBER: PDV-34N/3 Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Sony
Product Type DVCAM
Model DVCAM PDV-34N/3 34 Minutes
Part Number PDV-34N/3
DVCAM Run Time 34 Minutes
Tape Size Standard Cassette
HDV/DV Run Time 51 Minutes
Warranty 90 Days

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