Sony DVCAM PDVM-41N/3 41 Minutes

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  • DVCAM Run Time: 41 Minutes
  • Tape Size: Mini Cassette
  • HDV/DV Run Time:
  • Warranty: 90 Days

ID: 2757
Part Number: PDVM-41N/3

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Sony DVCAM PDVM-41N/3 41 Minutes Small Cassette

Note: Sony DVCAM PDVM-41N/3 replaces model PDVM-40N.

Professional quality DVCAM cassettes from Sony provide a reliable tape for various applications. The 41N offers 50% fewer dropouts, 50% less tape shrinkage, and a 30% stronger tape than most consumer dv tapes. The rugged album case also keeps the cassette protected in any environment.

Sony uses Advance Metal Evaporated (AME) Technology to make the tape more durable and reduce the amount of dropouts that will create problems. The Advance Metal Evaporated Technology yields 50% fewer dropouts than consumer dv tape and performs well in professional applications.

Sony DVCAM tapes are coated with a Diamond-Like Carbon coating that makes the tape 30% stronger than most dv tapes. During Pause and Freeze Frame operations this coating really makes the difference. Along with a stronger tape, DVCAM has less of a shrinkage problem than other dv tapes. With 50% less shrinkage, the DVCAM tapes have excellent machine-to-machine compatibility and high reliability in long term storage situations.


  • 41 Minutes, Small Cassette
  • Diamond-Like Carbon coating for increased tape strength
  • Wide compatibility- Advance Metal Evaporated (AME) Technology
  • Up to 184 minutes on one cassette with the PDV-184N DVCAM tape
  • No Chip. Does not include the ClipLink™ chip.

Comparing DV, DVCAM and DVCPRO 

All of these types of DV cameras offer superior Digital Video Recording technology. What's important to note about all three types is that a basic video-encoding algorithm is shared between them. Even the most expensive camera you find on the market will not record a more superior image than the standard DV camera. This is the great advantage of digital video. However, the camera section and the lenses between various cameras differ greatly. Then you have High Definition and other special features that add something special to the standard DV recording. That said, know that the digital recording method will be primarily the same, slight setup differences or not.

What should be noted is that these products are targeted towards very different markets. The standard DV camera operates in SP or EP/LP at 10 microns in track width. The DVCAM tape, pioneered by Sony, increases the track width to 15 microns and improves tape interchange as well as editing capabilities. Panasonic's DVCPRO improves upon that by increasing the track width to 18 microns, while using a special metal particle tape for enhanced durability in operation. DVCPRO also has two other features: a longitudinal analog audio cue track and a control track to assist in editing.

The only major disadvantage is that DVCAM and DVCPRO lengthen the total amount of recording time, since they only operate at Standard Play. The standard DV cameras work with LP/EP and can increase the recording times, which is great for cost efficiency. However, remember that DVCAM cassettes operates anywhere from 6-10 micron tracks, which makes tape interchanging difficult. It may even make LP tapes impossible to use when playing back on a DVCAM or DVCPRO.

What system should you buy if you're serious about a new purchase? Consider what specific audience each system is marketed to. The DV system is targeted at consumers, everyday families that want to bring some sophistication to their home movies. That's not to say that DV is unacceptable for professional projects; however, DVCAMs are usually the choice of most professionals. These systems offer more editing sophistication. Lastly, there's DVCPRO, which targets newsgathering professionals with its load of modern day editing features.

ID: 2757 BRAND: Sony PART NUMBER: PDVM-41N/3 Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Sony
Product Type DVCAM
Model DVCAM PDVM-41N/3 41 Minutes
Part Number PDVM-41N/3
DVCAM Run Time 41 Minutes
Tape Size Mini Cassette
Warranty 90 Days

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