Sony 1.4 GB DVD+RW Camcorder Mini DVD - 3 Discs

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  • Capacity: 1.4 GB
  • Packaging: Jewel Case
  • Count: 3 Discs
  • Surface: Logo Branded
  • Print Technology: Non-Printable
  • Hub:
  • Write Speed:
  • SD Run Time: 30 Minutes
  • HD Run Time:
  • Write Ability: Rewritable
  • Format: DVD+RW

ID: 4099
Part Number: 3DPW30R2HC



Sony DVD+RW ReWritable Handycam Disk 3-Pack- 3DPW30R2HC

Capacity: 30 minutes/1.4 Gigabytes

Type: Rewritable DVD+RW


  • Excellent archival characteristics with AccuCORE technology- repels stains, dust and fingerprints for maximum protection of your disc and data
  • Scratch guard technology is 100x more resistant to scratches than standard discs
  • Rewritable media for use with camcorders compatible with 8cm discs

DPW30R2HC is now sold as a 3-pack, and replaced DPW30L2H

ID: 4099 BRAND: Sony PART NUMBER: 3DPW30R2HC Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Sony
Product Type Camcorder Mini DVD
Model 8cm DVD+RW 3-Pack - 3DPW30R2HC
Part Number 3DPW30R2HC
Capacity 1.4 GB
Packaging Jewel Case
Count 3 Discs
Surface Logo Branded
Print Technology Non-Printable
SD Run Time 30 Minutes
Write Ability Rewritable
Format DVD+RW

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