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  • Mini DV/HDV Run Time: 60 Minutes
  • Tape Size: Small Cassette
  • DVCAM Run Time:

ID: 13886
Part Number: DVM60PRR



Sony Mini DV Tape: DVM-60PRR - 60 Minutes

Sony mini dv tape, the DVM-60PRR, formerly the DVM60PRL, is our best selling MiniDV cassette. The Sony MiniDV tape is the Mini DV tape of choice and works with your minidv handycam . Sony DVC tape offers metal evaporated technology providing higher output and higher carrier-to-noise ratio. Offers 60 minutes of record time.

Sony Metal Evaporated Magnetic Layers have twice the remnant magnetic flux density of Metal Particle (MP) coatings, for higher performance, while the DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) protective layer improves durability of your Sony MiniDV tape. Sony Mini DV tapes DVC-60 tapes are also available with an IC memory chip.

We have a large variety of mini dv tape, including additional lengths, high definition, and other brands.

Key Features

Mini DV is a format that is used in both consumer and professional grade applications. The 60PRR is a consumer grade tape, which is afforably priced, and has proven it's reliability over the years. The 60PRR is the #1 Mini DV choice of TapeOnline customers. It can record both standard and high definition signals. This sony dvc tape works in your mini dv camcorder or handycam.

The Digital Master tapes are still recommended for the most demanding applications, because their dropout and error rates are incredibly low. For more casual use, we recommend the 60PRR.

Mini DV Lubricant

There are many conflicting reports on the effects of "Wet vs. Dry" lubricants in Mini DV tapes. For an in-depth explanation, check out Sony's article on the issue.

ID: 13886 BRAND: Sony PART NUMBER: DVM60PRR Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Sony
Product Type Mini DV
Model DVM60PRR
Part Number DVM60PRR
Mini DV/HDV Run Time 60 Minutes
Tape Size Small Cassette

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