Sony BCT-6SR

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  • 60i Run Time: 6 Minutes
  • 24p Run Time: 7 Minutes
  • Tape Size: Small Cassette

ID: 1925
Part Number: BCT-6SR





  • The most advanced metal particle tape in Sony's 1/2 broadcast family of professional tape products
  • Metal particles 50% smaller than HDCAM tape with improved magnetic characteristics yielding: 2X the output (6-7dB), 2.7X the recording density of HDCAM tape, and 3.3X the density of D5-HD tape
  • Tele-File label with IC memory built on cassette to capture content metadata
  • Specially designed locking album case with improved tape protection characteristics
  • By providing full bandwidth RGB, HDCAM SR helps bridge the gap between acquisition and Digital Intermediate workflows. 
  • HDCAM SR's ability to store RGB images in real time, cost effectively and in a timely manner, will lead to higher quality composite effects and film to tape archiving.
  • The HDCAM SR contains metal particles that are approximately half the size of HDCAM allowing for a much higher density recording layer that provides an additional 6 dB of signal saturation.
  • Along with the higher density recording, the smaller particles allow the cassettes to capture recording wavelength to 0.29�m representing the highest performance of metal tape in the broadcast family.
  • HDCAM SR has recording lengths up to 50 minutes for the small size cassette, and 155 minutes for the large cassette in 24P mode.
  • HDCAM SR utilizes the 4:4:4 capture. At 24P it will facilitate the highest quality transfers to motion picture film and support enhanced blue/green screen compositing and the creation of contemporary special effects. Using 4:4:4 RGB HDCAM SR uses no chroma subsampling, but instead yields more of the full bandwidth of the HDSDI signal.

HDCAM SR Recording Time Chart

Making Use of HDCAM SR 

HDCAM SR offers new tapes for use with Digital Betacam that support HD format. High Definition television is of course the latest trend not only in entertainment but also amongst consumers. Though the first HD product to be released was HDCAM technology, HDCAM SR cassettes offered more advantages. HDCAM SR was designed to be a higher particle density tape. This tape was able to record in 10 bits an impressive 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 RGB with a bit rate of 880 megabits. HDCAM SR tapes compress data with MPEG-4 technology. This allows footage to be compressed without sacrificing the quality, which means the images will always stay colorful and detailed for users. HDCAM SR technology also allows for twelve audio channels.

HDCAM SR tapes are the industry standard for network television, which has gone HDTV crazy in recent years. You notice how you often hear that your favorite shows are being broadcast in High Definition Television? This is the technology they use. Another reason why HDCAM SR tapes are so popular is because the compression method used for this recording is MPEG 4. This is a state of the art algorithm that is accepted on any number of platforms, operating systems, programs and computers. MPEG-4 is a universal compression method that is also known for its high bandwidth transfers and more detailed images.

It should be noted that HDCAM SR is a different tape format than HDCAM, the original 1997 product. HDCAM SR has a different tape format and is made with different tape stock. Some HDCAM VTRS will be able to play and record on both HDCAM SR and HDCAM tapes. With some special hardware and software, they can even convert old Digital Betacam tapes to HD!

When you go looking to buy HDCAM SR tapes you will surely notice a price spike, but that's expected given the superior quality of the compression. Small tapes, less than 10 minutes sell for $50 while two-hour tapes sell for over $200. Tape lengths can be anywhere from 40 minutes (for S) or 124 minutes (for L). You can get the highest quality and best priced HDCAM SR cassettes at TapeOnline.

For more on HDCAM SR check out our FAQ page .

ID: 1925 BRAND: Sony PART NUMBER: BCT-6SR Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Sony
Product Type HDCAM SR
Model BCT-6SR
Part Number BCT-6SR
60i Run Time 6 Minutes
24p Run Time 7 Minutes
Tape Size Small Cassette

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