Sony BCT-94SRL

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  • Tape Size: Large Cassette
  • 24p Run Time: 117 Minutes
  • 60i Run Time: 94 Minutes

ID: 1930

$199.99 $168.75



  • The most advanced metal particle tape in Sony's 1/2 broadcast family of professional tape products
  • Metal particles 50% smaller than HDCAM tape with improved magnetic characteristics yielding: 2X the output (6-7dB), 2.7X the recording density of HDCAM tape, and 3.3X the density of D5-HD tape
  • Tele-File label with IC memory built on cassette to capture content metadata
  • Specially designed locking album case with improved tape protection characteristics
  • By providing full bandwidth RGB, HDCAM SR helps bridge the gap between acquisition and Digital Intermediate workflows.
  • HDCAM SR's ability to store RGB images in real time, cost effectively and in a timely manner, will lead to higher quality composite effects and film to tape archiving.
  • The HDCAM SR contains metal particles that are approximately half the size of HDCAM allowing for a much higher density recording layer that provides an additional 6 dB of signal saturation.
  • Along with the higher density recording, the smaller particles allow the cassettes to capture recording wavelength to 0.29um representing the highest performance of metal tape in the broadcast family.
  •  HDCAM SR has recording lengths up to 50 minutes for the small size cassette, and 155 minutes for the large cassette in 24P mode.
  • HDCAM SR utilizes the 4:4:4 capture. At 24P it will facilitate the highest quality transfers to motion picture film and support enhanced blue/green screen compositing and the creation of contemporary special effects. Using 4:4:4 RGB HDCAM SR uses no chroma subsampling, but instead yields more of the full bandwidth of the HDSDI signal.
  • Also called 94SR, formerly the BCT-94SRL/3 now the BCT-94SRL/4

For more on HDCAM SR check out our FAQ page .

ID: 1930 BRAND: Sony PART NUMBER: BCT-94SRL/4 Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Sony
Product Type HDCAM SR
Model BCT-94SRL
Part Number BCT-94SRL/4
Tape Size Large Cassette
24p Run Time 117 Minutes
60i Run Time 94 Minutes

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