Sony LTX400GWW - LTX400GWW

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  • Native Capacity: 400 GB
  • Compressed Capacity: 800 GB
  • Transfer Rate:
  • Label:

ID: 864



LTO 3 Ultrium Tape: LTX400G

Sony Electronics, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of LTO Ultrium 3 media. The next generation of LTO, LTX400, doubles the capacity to 400GB native (*800GB compressed) and doubles the transfer rate to 80MB/second native (*160MB/second compressed).

  • Sony's proprietary Advanced Alloy Armored Metal Particle (A3MP) technology provides high-output characteristics while also maintaining a high resistance to environmental conditions.
  • Sony also developed highly accurate servo signal technology that improves data writing and reading accuracy.
  • Super orientation technology that refashions the metal particles in the same direction to minimize noise interference.
ID: 864 BRAND: Sony PART NUMBER: LTX400GWW Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Sony
Product Type LTO
Model LTX400GWW-LTO Ultrium 3
Part Number LTX400GWW
Native Capacity 400 GB
Compressed Capacity 800 GB

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