Sony 16GB Mirroring Memory Stick - MS-PX16

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  • Capacity: 8GB Mirroring / 16GB Standard

ID: 4156



Sony 16GB PRO-HG Duo PX Mirroring Memory Stick - MS-PX16

Item has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and limited quantities remain. Please call 877-893-8273 when ordering to check availability.

The first professional memory card to utilize a dual recording/mirroring function, Sony's PX Series Mirroring Memory Sticks provide the ultimate data security and are designed for use with professional camcorders, such as Sony NXCAM camcorders.

The mirroring function splits the card's recordable space into two sections, allow content to record to both areas simultaneously. Even if one section of the card gets damaged, the content recorded on the other area remains safe and ready for playback. In mirroring mode, the data error ratio is minimized to less than 1/10,000 for peace of mind on important shoots.


  • Wear-Leveling Function distributes data evenly across all flash memory cells, reducing wear caused by repeated overwrite cycles and maximizing memory card life.
  • Error Correction Code (ECC) automatically corrects all errors that occur during writing/reading, maintaining the integrity of recorded data.
  • Data Refresh Function automatically moves data to an undamaged block for safe keeping. It then flags the block as "damaged", disabling any other data from being recorded there and preventing subsequent errors.
  • Memory Media Utility software alerts users when the card is nearing its limit for overwrite cycles with a "Replacement Notice" function.
  • Secure Access prevents unauthorized users from accessing important content on the cards. Access to the content is possible only by using specific hardware, such as Sony compatible NXCAM hardware, or a PC where the content was previously password protected using the Memory Media Utility software (Content is accessible from any NXCAM hardware introduced in 2H of FY12 or later, but not accessible from NXCAM hardware introduced in 1H of FY12 or earlier).
  • HIgh speed writing mode increased writing speed up to 2x when enabled.
  • Standard mode turns off mirroring and allows users to record longer to card's full capacity.
  • Backup Function enables users to copy recorded data to three locations simultaneously.
  • Formatting Function allows a quick format of the PX series card, deleting all recorded content for each re-use.
  • Water Proof (IEC IPX8 certified) up to five meters for one hour, Anti Static (IEC61000-4-2 certified), Dust Proof (IEC IP5X certified), and proven safe under the durability test (bending and twisting) based on the standard of Memory Stick format (passed durability testing of 12,000 slot insertions and removals).
  • Memo area for writing date, name, or event help you keep track of multiple cards.
  • Gray color on the back of the card provides better visibility when removing the card from the hardware, especially when shooting outdoors or in the dark.
  • Media case provides better protection from dust and shock, and included strap hole helps reduce the risk of loss.

Sony offers File Rescue Software, which can help recover photos and videos that may have been accidentally deleted. Supports the latest 3D AVCHD file formats, RAW stills, MOV files, as well as Full HD 60p video files. This software is available for free download here.

ID: 4156 BRAND: Sony PART NUMBER: MSPX16 Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Sony
Product Type Memory Stick
Model 16GB Mirroring Memory Stick - MS-PX16
Part Number MSPX16
Read Speed
Capacity 8GB Mirroring / 16GB Standard

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