Sony 1.5TB Optical Disc Archive Cartridge - Write-once - ODC1500R

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  • Capacity: 1.5 TB
  • Format: Write-Once

ID: 4342
Part Number: ODC1500R



Sony ODC1500R 1.5TB Optical Disc Archive Cartridge - Write-once

Meet Sony's new long-term reliable storage solution for huge volumes of media assets. This 1.5TB capacity write-once disc cartridge works with the Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) drive unit, ODS-D55U, to offer an alternative to LTO or other traditional forms of data tape.

Long Archival Life

With an average media life estimated beyond 50 years, Sony's ODA cartridges are perfect for preserving your digital photographs, digitized audio, audio recordings, corporate records, government documents, or anything you need to save longterm.

High Reliability

Sony optical disc is highly durable and resilient in a wide range of environmental conditions. The optical disc cartridge is resilient to temperature extremes, humidity, dust and water. The ODA system was designed with reliability in mind.

  • Write-once cartridge media prevents accidental or unauthorized changes to stored data, meeting data authenticity requirements.
  • Write Verify mode ensures data is archived accurately for future data restore.
  • Non-contact random access recording technology, ultra high read count, and protective cartridge shell are ideal for data portability and preservation.
  • Utility "Roll Back" function allows deleted files to be restored.

Open Platform

Featuring an open platform architecture, the ODA system incorporates Universal Disk Format (UDF) and other vendor-neutral standards for easy access to all your important data, any time. Each cartridge allows random access to files and high speed data retrieval.

"Cartridge Memory"

The media has a built-in "œCartridge Memory" that provides seamless integration between the ODC media and the ODA drive by storing basic content recording information.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

The Optical Disc Archive System utilizes a vendor-neutral optical drive requiring no special software to access your data, keeping user costs at a minimum. Large capacity media combined with the Content Manager application makes maintaining your valuable digital assets simple and affordable.

Eco-friendly Design

ODA greatly reduces waste by not using power when data is sitting idle, avoiding frequent data migration, and cutting energy consumption required to control temperature and humidity (and thus reducing CO2 emissions). The system allows you to address your green energy concerns while preserving your valuable data.

Key Features:

  • Read cycles: More than 1,000,000 times
  • Storage Temperature: 5-55°C (41-131°F)
  • Estimated Archival Life: >50 Years
ID: 4342 BRAND: Sony PART NUMBER: ODC1500R Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Sony
Product Type Optical Disc Archive (ODA)
Model 1.5TB Optical Disc Archive Cartridge - Write-once - ODC1500R
Part Number ODC1500R
Capacity 1.5 TB
Format Write-Once

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