Sony SxS-1 64GB Memory Card 2-Pack

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  • Case Type: Plastic Locking Case
  • Capacity: 64 GB
  • Transfer Rate: 1.2 Gbps
  • Dimensions: 34 x 5 x 75mm
  • XDCAM HQ Run Time (35Mbps): 200 Minutes
  • XDCAM SP Run Time (25Mbps): 280 Minutes
  • Weight: 0.06 lbs.
  • Interface: PCI Express
  • 4K (4096x2160) Resolution Run Time:
  • Packaging: 2-Pack
  • SxS Series: SxS-1

ID: 4988
Part Number: 2SBS64G1C/US



Sony SxS-1 64GB Memory Card - 2SBS64G1C

Now available as a pack of two SxS-1 64GB cards!

Check for Updates
Always check the Sony Pro Media Website for the latest drivers and firmware updates for SxS media and cameras.

The new generation of Sony SxS-1 cards feature double the capacity and double the transfer rates.

This 64GB SxS-1 card ups record times to 120 minutes of HD422, 200 minutes of XDCAM HQ, and 280 minutes of XDCAM SP footage.

With a new transfer rate up to 1.2Gbps, 120 minutes of HD422 content can be transferred to a laptop in just 8 minutes. This same, fast transfer rate is now also available in the 32GB model SxS-1 card.

Sony's SxS System
Sony developed the SxS-1 Memory Card line-up to increase efficiency while shooting. This satisfies the demand for professional camcorders or non-linear editing systems with higher performance and reliability.

High Speed Transfer Rates
Dramatically improving workflow, the SxS cards offer a transfer rate of 1.2Gbps. With such a high transfer rate, transferring large files from card to device are a snap. Use SxS cards in harsher conditions to really reap the benefits. Compact size and high transfer rates optimize the performance of the solid state XDCAM EX line up. Connect cards to a computer using a high speed PCI Express bus to attain fast transfer speeds.

Small and Compact
SxS Memory cards pack a lot of functionality into a small card. These cards are half the size of a standard PC card. The small cards allow the cameras to be smaller, yet offer high storage capacity. Mobile videography is easier with the small size of the media. With the 64GB card in an XDCAM EX camera, over an hour and a half of recording time is available.

*Note about SxS Card Cycles


The SxS PRO cards (SBP models) can be written to approximately 100,000 times while the SxS-1 can only be written to approximately 10,000 times. Based on Sony internal performance testing, when recorded at full capacity one time per day, SxS-1 Memory Cards will continue to function for approximately five years. This estimation is based on using a PMW-EX1R or PMW-350. The value may differ depending on the device or usage conditions. Five years is based on 7 days/week usage. The life of the media is monitored by a "œLifetime Indicator" that is standard on the PMW-EX1R & EX350 camcorders and is included in the EX Firmware Upgrade for the PMW-EX1 & EX3 camcorders. This keeps the user well informed of the remaining life of the media via the LCD/viewfinder on the camcorders.

ID: 4988 BRAND: Sony PART NUMBER: 2SBS64G1C/US Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Sony
Product Type SxS Pro Memory Cards
Model SxS-1 64GB Memory Card 2-Pack
Part Number 2SBS64G1C/US
Case Type Plastic Locking Case
Capacity 64 GB
Transfer Rate 1.2 Gbps
Dimensions 34 x 5 x 75mm
XDCAM HQ Run Time (35Mbps) 200 Minutes
XDCAM SP Run Time (25Mbps) 280 Minutes
Weight 0.06 lbs.
Interface PCI Express
Packaging 2-Pack
SxS Series SxS-1

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