Sony 100GB Triple Layer Professional Disc - PFD100TLA

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  • Capacity: 100 GB
  • Layer: Triple Layer
  • Case Type: Plastic Case
  • Cartridge Type: Plastic Cartridge
  • DVCAM Run Time: 370 Minutes
  • Write Speed: 2.4x
  • Disc Type: Rewritable
  • Content & Archival Hardware Compatibility: PDWU2, XDS-PD2000, XDS-PD1000

ID: 4604
Part Number: PFD100TLA

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Sony XDCAM 100GB Triple Layer Professional Disc - PFD100TLA

The Sony XDCAM Professional Disc now offers a 100 gigabyte and triple layer recording capacity. The new triple layer disc, model PFD100TLA, offers 100GB of storage capability. Though the same size as a DVD or a CD, the XDCAM professional disc uses a blue-violet laser to provide amazing storage possibilities. The Triple Layer Professional Disc media offers high capacity and high speed, with data transfer rates up to 86 Mbps. These discs are rewritable and provide quick random access, making them great solutions for near-line storage or long-term archival.

Sony PFD100TLA Triple Layer XDCAM disc is compatible with Sony XDCAM Content and Archival Solution hardware: PDWU2, XDS-PD2000, XDS-PD1000.

Large Capacity

The PFD100TLA XDCAM Disc offers up to 8 1/4 hours of recording time, in multiple HD and SD formats. Here are the compatible formats and recording times for each mode:

High Definition:

  • XDCAM MPEG HD422 @ 50 Mbps: 190 min.
  • XDCAM HD @ 35 Mbps: 290 min.
  • XDCAM HD @ 25 Mbps: 380 min.
  • XDCAM HD @ 18 Mbps: 496 min.

Standard Definition:

  • MPEG IMX @ 50 Mbps: 200 min.
  • MPEG IMX @ 40 Mbps: 240 min.
  • MPEG IMX @ 30 Mbps: 300 min.
  • DVCAM @ 25 Mbps: 370 min.

High Performance and Reliability

XDCAM discs are made of polycarbonate with a polypropylene case. The protective cartridge keeps the disc and data safe from debris, fingerprints, rough handling, shock, and x-rays. XDCAM discs are also resistant to heat and humidity. These factors make XDCAM ideal for harsher environments, while also allowing for long media life and long term storage.

Users can expect a minimum of 1,000 read/write cycles and over 1,000,000 read cycles, under specified operating conditions (temperature between 23-131°F, with 10-90% relative humidity). According to Sony research, archival life is expected at 50 years. Recommended archival temperatures are 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% relative humidity.

Check out our XDCAM FAQ page for more information.

ID: 4604 BRAND: Sony PART NUMBER: PFD100TLA Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Sony
Product Type XDCAM
Model 100GB Triple Layer Professional Disc - PFD100TLA
Part Number PFD100TLA
Capacity 100 GB
Layer Triple Layer
Case Type Plastic Case
Cartridge Type Plastic Cartridge
DVCAM Run Time 370 Minutes
Write Speed 2.4x
Disc Type Rewritable
Content & Archival Hardware Compatibility PDWU2, XDS-PD2000, XDS-PD1000

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