Spin-X 52x CD-R Shiny Silver Thermal Printable - 100 Discs

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  • Runtime: 80 Minutes
  • Capacity: 700 MB
  • Top Surface: Shiny Silver Thermal Printable
  • Hub: Non-Hub Printable
  • Print Technology: Thermal
  • Write Speed: 52x
  • Count: 100 Discs
  • Packaging: Bulk Wrap (No Spindle)
  • Bottom Surface:
  • Product Line:

ID: 242
Part Number: 46112937

$23.99 $18.99


Spin-X Shiny Silver Thermal Printable CD-R- Spindle of 100, 80R52S-NP100B 

  • Ideal for use with thermal printers like Prism and PR13
  • Compatible with CD-R/CD-RW drives
  • Advanced Phthalocyanine dye guarantees high durability
  • All blank Spin-X CD-Rs comes in 100pk bulk wrap with clear shrink-wrap
  • Shiny Silver surface with clear hub
ID: 242 BRAND: Spin-X PART NUMBER: 46112937 Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Spin-X
Product Type CD-R
Model 80R52S-NP100B Shiny Silver
Part Number 46112937
Runtime 80 Minutes
Capacity 700 MB
Top Surface Shiny Silver Thermal Printable
Hub Non-Hub Printable
Print Technology Thermal
Write Speed 52x
Count 100 Discs
Packaging Bulk Wrap (No Spindle)

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