Clearance! 5.2mm Double Slimline Jewel Case - Clear

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  • Case Type: Slim Jewel Case
  • Width: 5.2mm
  • Capacity: 2 Discs
  • Color: Clear

ID: 3834

This product must be purchased in a multiple of 200


Quantity 5.2mm Double CD/DVD Slimline Jewel Case - Clear


  • Keeps CDs and DVDs safe during storage
  • Slim case is 3/16" thick (5.2mm)
  • Hub on inside of front and back cover accomodates two discs
  • Thin jewel case design takes up less storage space
  • Lighter weight saves on shipping costs
  • Case quantity: 200 pieces

Please note that because both sides of the case were built to store a disc, there are no tabs to hold an insert.

ID: 3834 BRAND: PART NUMBER: Double Slimline Jewel Case - Clear Category:

Technical Specifications

Product Type Disc Cases
Model 5.2mm Double Slimline Jewel Case - Clear
Part Number Double Slimline Jewel Case - Clear
Case Type Slim Jewel Case
Width 5.2mm
Capacity 2 Discs
Color Clear

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