TDK 4x BD-R DL Dual Layer Logo Branded - 1 Disc

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  • Capactiy: 50 GB
  • Surface: Logo Branded
  • Case Type: Jewel Case
  • Count: 1 Disc
  • Write Speed: 4x

ID: 2408
Part Number: 49022


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TDK 4x Dual Layer Blu-ray - 50GB Write Once (BD-R50B)

The newest Blu-ray from TDK, the 4x BD-R50B, offers 50 Gigabytes of storage on a dual layer BD-R disc. Ideal for large backups or High Definition video, a Blu-ray disc holds massive amount of information on a the same size disc as a standard DVD. Next generation Blu-ray discs are able to store more information on the same size disc by using a blue laser to make smaller grooves on the recording layer.

TDK Blu-ray discs are made with a high-sensitivity recording material that is different from those used on CDs and DVDs. TDK's exclusive CuSi (Copper Silicon) recording material offers long lasting performance, fast recording and playback, and massive capacities. The Durabis 2 coating used on TDK Blu-ray protects the disc from scratches and dust, and keeps the disc running properly. With scratch, grime and dust resistant properties, the Durabis 2 coating prevents normal handling and dust from effecting the disc and data.

ID: 2408 BRAND: TDK PART NUMBER: 49022 Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand TDK
Product Type BD-R DL Dual Layer
Model BD-R50B
Part Number 49022
Capactiy 50 GB
Surface Logo Branded
Case Type Jewel Case
Count 1 Disc
Write Speed 4x

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