Western Digital WD30EFRX

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Western Digital
  • Form Factor: 3.5 Inches
  • Sustained Data Transfer Rate:
  • Max Data Transfer Rate: 6.0 Gbps
  • Interface: Serial ATA
  • Capacity: 3 TB
  • Cache: 64 MB
  • Spindle Speed: Intellipower

ID: 3950



Western Digital - RED NAS 3TB Hard Drive - WD30EFRX

Western Digital's RED NAS internal hard drives are designed specifically for home or small office network attached storage systems. Traditional internal drives, while a great choice for some applications, can come up short in the NAS environment due to compatibility, upgrade, reliability, and integration issues. WD RED NAS drives are built with Western Digital's NASware technology, which addresses each of these potential concerns that can arise from standard desktop drives.

NASware Technology

Western Digital works directly with network attached storage partners to ensure maximum compatibility with a variety of NAS systems. This firmware provides the necessary balance of performance, reliability, and power in small network attached storage environments. The unique algorithms in NASware optimize power and performance without compromising on the attributes that NAS-system owners value. Some features include:

  • Streaming Support: NASware provides built-in compatibility with the ATA Streaming Feature Set which is important for AV storage applications such as Windows Media Center
  • SMART Command Transport (SCT) support: NASware allows monitoring and measuring of drive performance via the SMART command set. SMART can return data like thermal profiles, drive access statistics and more. NASware also delivers temperature accuracy within 1°C
  • Power management support: Enables optimized power usage within the NAS system.
  • BIC Performance: Optimized seek to provide BIC performance while reducing the power and acoustics

In addition, WD RED hard drives are designed to reduce noise and temperature in the NAS environment. Keeping drives as cool as possible is imperative for optimal performance. Compare this WD with a competitor in this thermal image:

WD NAS RED thermal image

Western Digital RED NAS hard drives are approved for use with Drobo 5D.

ID: 3950 BRAND: Western Digital PART NUMBER: WD30EFRX Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Western Digital
Product Type Internal Hard Drives
Model WD30EFRX
Part Number WD30EFRX
Form Factor 3.5 Inches
Max Data Transfer Rate 6.0 Gbps
Interface Serial ATA
Capacity 3 TB
Cache 64 MB
Spindle Speed Intellipower

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