JVC Disc Media

CMC Magnetics Fills JVC / Taiyo Yuden Void

Following JVC/Taiyo Yuden’s withdrawal from the optical media market, CMC Magnetics announced last summer (2015) that they had purchased the technology and production rights for the venerable brand’s products under the “CMC Pro” name.

For now, there is still plenty of JVC/TY media available here at TapeOnline. As our inventory is reduced, we will gradually switch over to the CMC Pro products. Model numbers will be similar, the only difference being that the leading “J” will be replaced with a “T”. For example: JCDR-ZZ-SB (shiny silver CDRs) will become TCDR-ZZ-SB.

According to CMC, the new media will be manufactured on dedicated production lines using the exact same processes and materials as the JVC/TY product. There should be no change in quality or reliability. To signify their dedication to maintaining the high standards and reputation of the Taiyo Yuden name, CMC Pro products will be labeled with the phrase, “Powered by TY Technology”.

If you’re currently using JVC/TY products and would like a sample of the CMC Pro Media, please contact us at [email protected].