Top Ten Reasons to Buy From TapeOnline
   10. Order today, ships today.
   09. Like most Southern folks, we love to talk!
           So call us: 877-893-8273.
   08. Or don't call. You can do everything online!
   07. We sell waaaaay more than just tape.
   06. Like free stuff? Well…
Receive a free mini production lamp when you spend $50 or more on your next purchase. Be sure to write in the word Lamp in the comments section when ordering
05. Experience? We've got 17 years worth.
        That's 119 years in dog years.
04. Our customers love us too.
        Read what they've written.
03. It's easy, because it's all automated. Sony
       Rewarding Recording, Order History, & more.
02. Warehouses in Dallas and Nashville.
        Pickup options available.
01. We're a little wacky, but we have lots of fun!
*Disclaimer: There are lots of reasons to buy from TapeOnline, but we decided to keep the list to 10. More than 10 seemed a bit long. And we like nice round numbers.