XDCAM Post-production and Proxy A/V FAQ

How do I edit XDCAM HD assets?

You have plenty of options. First, all 29 companies that currently support XDCAM standard definition are also committed to supporting XDCAM HD production. So depending on your system, you can choose from various workflows. Second, when equipped with the optional PDBK-102 MPEG TS card, the PDW-F70 and PDW-F30 work with the full range of NLEs that are compatible with HDV 1080i. And third, you can use the HD-SDI output of the PDW-F70 and edit as with a traditional VTR.

Can I use my current HDV editing software to edit XDCAM HD 25 Mbps material?

Absolutely. Part of the beauty of the XDCAM HD system is its compatibility with HDV 1080i editing. The PDW-F70 recorder and PDW-F30 player accept the optional PDBK-102 MPEG TS card. This outputs a 25 Mbps signal over the i.LINK interface* for the large pool of NLEs that are compatible with HDV 1080i recording.

Does the XDCAM HD system use Proxy A/V?

Yes. The system combines the beauty of high definition with all the workflow innovation of the XDCAM system, including the durability of optical discs, the simplicity of file-based operations and the power of Proxy A/V.

When an optical deck receives MXF files from another machine, will there be proxy AV?

Yes. All XDCAM decks automatically create proxy AV that is not included in the MXF file. This function also works at high data transmission speeds via the Gigabit Ethernet or FireWire (file access mode) interface.