Pro-Tapes Shurtape P-661 1" x 5yards

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  • Material: Glow In the Dark
  • Width: 1 inch
  • Length of Roll: 5 yards

ID: 3503
Part Number: Shurtape P-661 1" x 5yards

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ProTapes - Shurtape 1" x 5yds Glow in the Dark Cloth Gaffer Tape - P-661

The Shurtape P-661 gaffers tape glows in the dark! Works just like other standard cloth gaffer tapes strong adhesive capability, removes cleanly with little or no residue. Five minutes of charge in the light (sunlight will work) will make the tape glow in the dark for up to 10 hours! Simply recharge when it fades for another five minutes, and it will glow for ten more hours. Great for keeping dark or low-light areas, stages, stairs, and trip hazards noticeable and safe.

 Key Features

  • Conformable, and able to be used on a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Printable, and can be die-cut
  • Glow-In-The-Dark

    • Luminous Values (figures in millicandela per square meter): DIN67510 / ASTM 2072 (Xe lamp 1000Lx/5min) 10min; 68.2mcd/m² after 10min, (Xe lamp 1000Lx/5min) 60min; 8.76mcd/m² after 60 min
  • Good adhesion
  • Clean and easy to remove
  • Illumination Meter (ASTM E 2073-07): 21.62 lux (mcd/m²) (10 minutes after activation), 4 lux (mcd/m²) (60 minutes after activation)
ID: 3503 BRAND: Pro-Tapes PART NUMBER: Shurtape P-661 1" x 5yards Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Pro-Tapes
Product Type Adhesive Tape
Model Shurtape P-661 1" x 5yards
Part Number Shurtape P-661 1" x 5yards
Material Glow In the Dark
Width 1 inch
Length of Roll 5 yards

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