Sony PDV-64DM

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  • HDV/DV Run Time: 96 Minutes
  • DVCAM Run Time: 64 Minutes
  • Tape Size: Standard Cassette

ID: 2033
Part Number: PDV-64DM

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Sony Digital Master DVCAM No Chip PDV-64DM

Sony's Digital Master PDV-64DM tape is a "standard" size DVCAM cassette, but it's enhanced with two layers of active magnetic material. This means the carrier to noise ratio is improved by 2dB, and a proven 90% fewer dropouts than regular DV tape.

Using this tape in DVCAM record mode will get you 64 minutes of record time, and using in regular DV mode will get you 96 minutes of record time.

Actual tape length is 112 meters / 367 feet. This tape can be used in any camera displaying the DVCAM logo.

ID: 2033 BRAND: Sony PART NUMBER: PDV-64DM Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Sony
Product Type Digital Master
Model PDV-64DM
Part Number PDV-64DM
HDV/DV Run Time 96 Minutes
DVCAM Run Time 64 Minutes
Tape Size Standard Cassette

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