Sony DVCAM PDVM-32N/3 32 Minutes

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  • DVCAM Run Time: 32 Minutes
  • Tape Size: Mini Cassette
  • HDV/DV Run Time:
  • Warranty: 90 Days

ID: 2756
Part Number: PDVM-32N/3



Sony DVCAM PDVM-32N/3 32 Minutes Small Cassette Videotape

DVCAM tapes from Sony offer a professional tape solution for shooting in any environment. DVCAM tapes feature advanced coatings to enhance stability and a rugged locking case to protect the cassette.

Sony DVCAM videotape is now enhanced with HDV functionality.

Sony employs Advance Metal Evaporated (AME) Technology to make the tape more durable and reduce the amount of dropouts that occur. The AME technology yields a tape fit for professional video applications and stable enough to withstand extreme environments.

While the AME technology makes the tape more durable, the Diamond-Like Carbon coating makes the tape 30% stronger than most consumer dv tapes. Where the coating really makes a difference is during Pause and Freeze Frame operations. DVCAM tapes also have a 50% drop in shrinkage compared to other consumer dv tapes. This makes the tapes extremely machine-to-machine compatible and also makes them better for long term storage. With less shrinking, they will be more consistent in tracking and playback.


  • 32 Minutes, Small Cassette
  • Professional locking album case- perfect for protection during shooting
  • Diamond-Like Carbon coating to make the tape stronger
  • Up to 184 Minutes with the largest DVCAM tape, PDV-184N
  • Wide machine-to-machine compatibility
  • Advance Metal Evaporated (AME) Technology for higher reliability.
  • No Chip. Does not include the ClipLinkTM chip.

How does DVCAM Compare to DVD Camcorders? 

DVD camcorders may sound more practical to the average consumer. After all, DVDs are the wave of the future. Nobody collects VHS tapes anymore, except all those Goodwill grannies that are too superstitious to buy a $30 DVD player. So doesn't it make sense that a DVD camcorder would be the best way to record digital footage so you can quickly and easily download it to your computer? It should be that simple but it's usually not. Consider how the DVD camcorder compares to the DVCAM, a Digital Video tape recording camcorder.

The first thing to remember about DVD camcorders is that most of them use mini-DVDs that hold less gigabytes and will not load on just any DVD drive. Another factor to consider is that DVD camcorders compress their video into MPEG-2 format. This is of a lower compression quality than what DVCAM tapes offer. Consider that if you want to use a DVD camcorder for recording footage, and then decide to edit it on your computer, you will have to uncompress it, which may impact the quality in a negative way.

Ideally, the best circumstances in which you would use a DVD camcorder would be to record a certain amount of footage and then distribute it to friends by making DVD copies, with no editing. That way the quality would stay in tact. It's not wise to use DVD camcorders for editing, since it's counterproductive; in order to make a quality DVD you need the highest quality of capture and compression, which is available on a DVCAM system.

In fact, you will find that all of the major formats that record Digital Video are using the same or a similar process as DV tape recording. This includes hard-drive based camcorders and even Blu-Ray XDCAMs. The basic answer to this common question is that if you want to do a lot of editing, then you can buy no better system than a DVCAM or even a DVCPro video recorder. These are the most edit-friendly systems. Your ultimate goal is to make a quality DVD-something that cannot be promised when you actually use DVD technology for recording instead of merely playback.

ID: 2756 BRAND: Sony PART NUMBER: PDVM-32N/3 Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Sony
Product Type DVCAM
Model DVCAM PDVM-32N/3 32 Minutes
Part Number PDVM-32N/3
DVCAM Run Time 32 Minutes
Tape Size Mini Cassette
Warranty 90 Days

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