Sony 23GB Single Layer XDCAM - PFD23A

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  • Capacity: 23.3 GB
  • Layer: Single Layer
  • Case Type: Plastic Case
  • Cartridge Type: Plastic Cartridge
  • DVCAM Run Time: 90 Minutes
  • Write Speed: 2.4x
  • Disc Type:
  • Content & Archival Hardware Compatibility:

ID: 2052
Part Number: PFD23A/3



Sony XDCAM Disk- 23GB, PFD23A

New "Nonlinear" Recording Medium- The XDCAM Professional Disc. The Sony XDCAM Professional Disc media, PFD23A, is a newly developed, single-sided optical disc that uses state-of-the-art blue-violet laser technology to enable extremely large-capacity recordings. The diameter of the disc is a mere 12-cm, equal to that of other optical media such as CDs or DVDs. Yet, despite its small size, the disc provides an amazing storage capacity of 23.3 GB - a feat made possible using a 405 nm blue-violet laser, an objective lens with a 0.85 numerical aperture (NA), and a specially developed recording layer. Sony has taken great care in selecting the XDCAM Professional Disc media as the next-generation professional recording medium. The choice is based on Sony experience and technical expertise in developing and marketing a wide range of professional products that have effectively served users around the world for several decades.

Flexible Platform

The XDCAM Professional Disc system is a very flexible platform on which an assortment of data in a variety of formats can reside. The use of optical disc technology eliminates the restrictions inherent in proprietary tape footprints, and allows a variety of different video formats to be recorded as 'data files', and is therefore extremely flexible as to what can be recorded to it. In addition to video and audio streams, you can record a variety of metadata, such as date/time information and comments indicating the material content. Furthermore, computer files created on Microsoft Word, PhotoShop, and other application software can also be stored on the XDCAM Professional Disc media*. *Up to 500 MB

Large Capacity

The PFD23A Single Layer XDCAM Disc offers up to almost 2 hours of recording time, in multiple HD and SD formats. Here are the compatible formats and recording times for each mode:

High Definition:

  • XDCAM MPEG HD422 @ 50 Mbps: 43 min.
  • XDCAM HD @ 35 Mbps: 65 min.
  • XDCAM HD @ 25 Mbps: 85 min.
  • XDCAM HD @ 18 Mbps: 112 min.

Standard Definition:

  • MPEG IMX @ 50 Mbps: 45 min.
  • MPEG IMX @ 40 Mbps: 55 min.
  • MPEG IMX @ 30 Mbps: 68 min.
  • DVCAM @ 25 Mbps: 85 min.

High Transfer Rate 

The XDCAM Professional Disc's data transfer rate is 86 Mb/s from each optical head unit, providing stable recording and playback of high bit rate data such as a 50 Mb/s MPEG IMX stream.

Quick Random Access

The nonlinear nature of the XDCAM Professional Disc media alone provides tremendous benefit when handling audio/video content. When a recording is played back from the disc, its physical location on the disc does not impact the time required to access it. Recordings can be accessed in a fraction of the equivalent time taken to access information on disc, making it much easier and faster to locate source material. This is the beauty of random access, and all Sony XDCAM products are equipped with powerful features-  delivering innovation to all your programming operations.

Highly Reliable, Durable and Re-usable Medium

XDCAM optical discs have a natural advantage since they suffer no mechanical contact during recording or playback, making the format ideal for continuous use and re-use. The XDCAM Professional Disc media is highly resistant to dust, shock, and scratches, and is packaged in an extremely durable and dust-resistant cartridge. It is resistant to heat and humidity, and is X-ray resistant - factors that make the XDCAM Professional Disc media ideal for use in harsh field environments, and also allows for long media life and long-term storage.

Also known as 23A, formerly PFD23A now PFD23A/2.

XDCAM Professional Disc Media (PFD23A) Specifications 

  • Storage capacity: 23.3 GB
  • Laser wavelength: 405 nm (blue-violet)
  • Data transfer (writing) rate: 86 Mb/s (per optical head)
  • Transfer speed: 2.4x
  • Disc diameter: 4 5/8 inches (120 mm)
  • Cartridge dimensions: 5 1/8 x 5 1/4 x 3/8 inches
  • Weight: 3-oz (90 g)
  • Recording format: Phase change recording

New Pre-Formatted Feature

As of July 2012, XDCAM media is being shipped with a pre-formatted feature, which means there is no need for formatting before a new disc is being used with XDCAM equipment. This allows users to save time and start operation instantly.

Pre-Formatted Disc Compatibility: It is required that the latest firmware versions be used to take advantage of the pre-formatted benefit and ensure compatibility with the hardware listed below. Otherwise, users may not be able to record to this pre-formatted disc.

  • Hardware List: PDW-F350L, PDW-F330K, PDW-F330L, PDW-530, PDW-510, PDW-F70, PDW-F30, PDW-70MD, PDW-1500, PDW-R1, PDW-D1, PDW-V1, PDW-U1

If users want to use the disc, with the equipment models listed above, without upgrading the equipment firmware version, the disc becomes recordable only after being re-formatted with the equipment being used.

Note for XDCAM HD Users:

Q: What recording media does the XDCAM HD system use? A: The same PFD-23A Professional Disc media as in XDCAM standard definition recording. Only now the media delivers more maximum recording time: 120 minutes at 18 Mbps. Read more XDCAM HD FAQs .

ID: 2052 BRAND: Sony PART NUMBER: PFD23A/3 Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Sony
Product Type XDCAM
Model PFD23A
Part Number PFD23A/3
Capacity 23.3 GB
Layer Single Layer
Case Type Plastic Case
Cartridge Type Plastic Cartridge
DVCAM Run Time 90 Minutes
Write Speed 2.4x

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Large HD storage

    •Cons can't be blank

    Works well in XD Cams, doesn't work so good in a beta SP deck.

    XD Camera for media storage; XD Decks for recording.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I love you folks!
    Tape On Line has GR8! service, thanks very much

    proces are up, but I blame the tsunami

    story for Veterans Administration

  3. 4 out of 5

    Shane :


    longevity is my only concern

    Small pre tapes for broadcast tv. clips for segments and reuse.