Sony XDCAM 50GB Dual Layer Disc - PFD50DLAX

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  • Capacity: 50 GB
  • Layer: Dual Layer
  • Case Type: Plastic Case
  • Cartridge Type: Plastic Cartridge
  • DVCAM Run Time: 185 Minutes
  • Write Speed: 2.4x
  • Disc Type:
  • Content & Archival Hardware Compatibility:

ID: 2125
Part Number: PFD50DLAX



Sony XDCAM 50GB Dual Layer Disc- PFD50DLAX

The Sony XDCAM Professional Disc now offers twice the storage space with 50 Gigabytes and dual layer recording capacity. The new dual layer disc, model PFD50DLA, offers 50GB of storage capability. Though the same size as a DVD or a CD, the XDCAM professional disc uses a blue-violet laser to provide amazing storage possibilities.

Large Capacity

The PFD50DLA Dual Layer XDCAM Disc offers up to 4 hours and 8 minutes of recording time, in multiple HD and SD formats. Here are the compatible formats and recording times for each mode:

High Definition:

  • XDCAM MPEG HD422 @ 50 Mbps: 95 min.
  • XDCAM HD @ 35 Mbps: 145 min.
  • XDCAM HD @ 25 Mbps: 190 min.
  • XDCAM HD @ 18 Mbps: 248 min.

Standard Definition:

  • MPEG IMX @ 50 Mbps: 100 min.
  • MPEG IMX @ 40 Mbps: 120 min.
  • MPEG IMX @ 30 Mbps: 150 min.
  • DVCAM @ 25 Mbps: 185 min.

The PFD50DLA is for use with the XDCAM HD hardware, including the PDW-F355, F335, and F75. These discs are also compatible with XDCAM MPEG HD422 Products: PDW-700, HD1500, and U1.

Phase Change Technology

Professional discs from Sony use a unique phase-change recording material to support higher read/write speeds. Professional discs also support access by two simultaneous pickups. In phase change recording the recording layer must change from a crystalline (high reflectivity) phase to amorphous (low reflectivity) phase fast enough to enable transfer speeds of up to 72 Mbps.

Sturdy Construction

XDCAM discs are made of polycarbonate with a polypropylene case. The protective cartridge keeps the disc and data safe from debris, rough handling, shock, and x-rays. XDCAM discs are also resistant to heat and humidity. These factors make XDCAM ideal for harsher environments, while also allowing for long media life and long term storage.

Users can expect a minimum of 1,000 read/write cycles and 1,000,000 read cycles, under specified operating conditions. According to Sony research, archival life is expected at 50 years. Recommended archival temperatures are 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% relative humidity.

Flexible Platform

The XDCAM disc is a flexible platform, able to accommodate an assortment of data in a variety of formats. Optical disc technology does not have the limitations that come with tape and therefore can allow a variety of different formats to be recorded as "data files". The professional disc is very flexible with what can be recorded to it. Along with video and data streams, a variety of metadata, such as date/time information and comments notating material content, can be recorded to the disc as well. Computer files created on Microsoft Word, Photoshop, and other application software can also be stored on the XDCAM professional disc media.**

** Up to 500MB


  • Storage capacity of 50 Gigabytes
  • Laser wavelength of 405nm blue-violet
  • Data transfer (writing) rate: 86 Mbps (per optical head)
  • Disc diameter: 4 5/8 inches
  • Weight: 3 oz.
  • Recording format: phase change recording
  • Random access and ENG/EFP ready durability
  • Also known as 50DLA, formerly the PFD50DLA now the PFD50DLA/2

New Pre-Formatted Feature

As of July 2012, XDCAM media is being shipped with a pre-formatted feature, which means there is no need for formatting before a new disc is being used with XDCAM equipment. This allows users to save time and start operation instantly.

Pre-Formatted Disc Compatibility:It is required that the latest firmware versions be used to take advantage of the pre-formatted benefit and ensure compatibility with the hardware listed below. Otherwise, users may not be able to record to this pre-formatted disc.

  • Hardware List: PDW-F350L, PDW-F330K, PDW-F330L, PDW-530, PDW-510, PDW-F70, PDW-F30, PDW-70MD, PDW-1500, PDW-R1, PDW-D1, PDW-V1, PDW-U1

If users want to use the disc, with the equipment models listed above, without upgrading the equipment firmware version, the disc becomes recordable only after being re-formatted with the equipment being used.

Check out our XDCAM FAQ page for more information.

ID: 2125 BRAND: Sony PART NUMBER: PFD50DLAX Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Sony
Product Type XDCAM
Model XDCAM 50GB Dual Layer Disc
Part Number PFD50DLAX
Capacity 50 GB
Layer Dual Layer
Case Type Plastic Case
Cartridge Type Plastic Cartridge
DVCAM Run Time 185 Minutes
Write Speed 2.4x

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    i love you folks

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    Long Record Length; excellent quality.

    •Cons can't be blank


    With lots of butter and syrup.

  3. 4 out of 5

    Shane :

    Light weight, small, easy to save media

    Worried about longevity since it is a new product

    Record 8 cameras for one single show. For broadcast on SPIKE TV

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    High Quality - Extremely Reliable

    More expensive