Spectra Logic LTO-5 Tape TeraPack - 90949221

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Spectra Logic
  • Label: Labeled
  • Transfer Rate:
  • Compressed Capacity: 3 TB
  • Native Capacity: 1.5 TB

ID: 3830
Part Number: 90949221



Spectra - Spectralogic LTO 5 Terapack - Pack of 10 LTO 5 Tapes

Each cartridge offers 3.0 TB compressed (1.5 TB native) capacity on a single LTO cartridge.

Spectra Certified Media is carefully examined to ensure that every item meets all quality assurance requirements. For this reason, Spectra offers a Lifetime Guarantee against defects in the material for the life of the tape.

A feature unique to Spectra Certified Media is the Media Lifecycle Management (MLM). This system helps improve reliability in your tapes by monitoring over 30 data points, recorded each time a tape is loaded, and alerting you when at-risk tapes are ready for retirement. MLM allows you to easily diagnose and resolve tape-related issues.

CarbideClean, also only offered on Spectra Certified Media, adds another layer of dependability. Each piece of media is pre-cleaned before it is shipped, removing any tape debris that may have been left from the manufacturing process.

Spectra media comes with pre-applied bar code labels, available in custom or standard non-repeating sequences. Price listed is for a pack of 10 tapes, which will arrive in a TeraPack with convenient dust cover for effortless storage and protection.

ID: 3830 BRAND: Spectra Logic PART NUMBER: 90949221 Category:

Technical Specifications

Brand Spectra Logic
Product Type LTO
Model LTO-5 Tape TeraPack
Part Number 90949221
Label Labeled
Compressed Capacity 3 TB
Native Capacity 1.5 TB

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